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 Are you a non-native speaker with good grammar and written comprehension skills, but when you come to speaking in English, you completely FREEZE?

The key to communicating successfully is the ability to present yourself effectively and make a positive first impression - not an easy task when the language you’re speaking is not your mother-tongue.

Drama 4 English is a unique program, based on drama techniques, that will teach you key strategies for controlling your nerves and overcoming your fears of speaking in English. Ultimately, the program will help you better connect with your audience. 

What is Drama 4 English?

Drama 4 English a theatre-based training experience designed for non-native individuals proficient in English, but who need professional guidance in developing and enhancing their speaking and communication skills.

Drama 4 English uses a UNIQUE approach; courses are entirely practical, dynamic and fun. Each course combines teambuilding, improvisation, role-playing and public speaking exercises.

The prospect of communicating in English can be overwhelming. Therefore, we provide entertaining and engaging courses where all our participants actively participate. We are strong advocates of “learning by doing”. Our primary aim is to give participants the opportunity to put their English language skills into practice, enrich their learning capacity and encourage them to be more expressive and confident communicating in English.

 Who is the course for? 

Intermediate/advanced English language learners who would like to build their self-esteem speaking in English, create a stronger presence and ultimately feel at ease handling diverse situations; both personal and professional.
Participants include: business managers, lawyers, accountants, entrepreneurs, doctors, musicians, actors, politicians, teachers, university students, postgraduates, etc...   

Who is the coach?

Miranda Flynn Legge is a professional British actor and graduate of the prestigious Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where she won a scholarship and was trained by prominent international directors and mentors including the world’s foremost voice coach, Patsy Rosenburg. She also shared studies with actors like Joseph Fiennes, Damien Lewis, Ewen McGregor and Daniel Craig.

Furthermore Miranda is an accredited English language teacher with a CELTA Certificate from Cambridge University and has worked extensively teaching general and business English.

Miranda is the founder of Drama 4 English Communication Skills Academy, The Kids English Theatre Teacher Training Academy, Teatro Inglese per Bambini and co-founder of Catalyst Theatre Company. With over 25 years’ experience working as a professional actor, English teacher and drama trainer, Miranda has seen first-hand the real advantages that theatre-related activities present to English language learners.

Why use drama techniques to communicate effectively in English?

Do you literally turn to jelly with the idea of holding a conference call in English or having to present a speech in English?

Are your biggest fears making mistakes and looking foolish?

Drama-based techniques are a perfect solution for creating a pressure-free setting and helping you practice your speaking skills.

 Drama 4 English principally focuses on ice-breakers, teambuilding, and expression and less on the end result. So, as you enjoy interacting with fellow participants, you gradually become less self-conscious towards language learning and become less afraid of making mistakes.

Over the last 25 years, Miranda has worked extensively with professionals including business managers, lawyers, accountants, doctors, musicians, actors, entrepreneurs, teachers, university students and postgraduates.


The course is an introductory program where participants practice and develop key strategies in speaking and communicating effectively in English:

  • Drama techniques to help overcome the apprehension of speaking in English

  • The principles of powerful communication (posture, body language, attention gaining methods, performance)

  • Explore the rudiments of voice and vocal technique

  • Improve presentation skills through improvisation, storytelling and role-play

  • Public speaking – (Control nerves and deal with common fears, structure and delivery, how to approach and engage an audience through humour, storytelling, international audience awareness)

Public speaking and Storytelling

An effective speaker knows how to act.

Does speaking in English in front of an audience terrify you? Do your speeches/presentations in English tend to be weak and humourless? Is your monotonous tone of voice sending everyone to sleep?

This interactive course provides practical solutions on how to become a more dynamic and engaging speaker/storyteller. It will help you develop a rich and charismatic voice, and teach you how to use positive body language techniques that will positively influence and warm-up the coldest of audiences.

This course is designed for participants who want to unlock their creativity, develop presentation/storytelling skills and speak to audiences of any size.


This is a highly dynamic and stimulating course, geared towards helping participants improve their personal skills, become mindful of verbal and non-verbal body language, and involve others. Participants are actively involved in physical activities, fun verbal and mental exercises working as a team, building trust and solving problems.

Improvisation and Role-Playing

Improvising means inventing something on the spot. It is a useful theatre technique to use with non-native speakers because it encourages participants to leave their language comfort zones. Improvisation forces participants to try something new and exciting.
Role-playing also enables participants to act-out/try out real situations in a fun and safe environment, introduce objectives and practice different strategies. By doing so, participants gain familiarity and feel comfortable and relaxed speaking in English and handling similar situations for real.

Advantages of using drama-based activities in speaking English

  • Using drama-related activities offers clear advantages in speaking a foreign language. They allow participants to communicate, through their body, mind and social interaction and encourage participants to listen, think on two feet and speak in English spontaneously instead of translating first from their native language.

  • Also, acting exercises motivate individuals to experiment and interpret diverse roles, situations and emotions in a supportive and fun environment, helping them overcome common insecurities, anxieties and embarrassment when speaking English.

  • Our practical, clear, and well-structured courses focus on using theatre ice-breakers, team-building and language exercises to help you improve your body language, vocal technique and general stage presence.

  • Our aim is not to turn you into a professional actor but to show you that by learning simple, proven techniques you can connect with your audience more.

  • You will be encouraged step by step to develop new language strategies in a motivating setting and will be given constant feedback by a native-speaker and expert in communication skills.

  • You will learn by doing. All courses are entirely practical, allowing you to develop new skills on your feet and while interacting with other participants. You will soon notice the benefits in how naturally and confidently you communicate in English.

Communication Skills Training Course

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